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To whom is the Drum Composter recommended?

The Drum Composter provides an alternative for smaller communities, neighbourhoods, educational institutions and even catering or accommodation establishments to locally utilize the generated waste. Waste management service providers and plant managers, whose task is to carry out waste management, are part of the target group as well. The Drum Composter can be a useful piece of equipment for them, allowing them to treat bio-waste locally and professionally, in an economical and transportation-free way. The same applies to park and garden management companies who are important target groups, too.


What forms of waste are suitable to be composted in the Profikomp Drum Composter?
The Drum Composter is able to treat essentially all compostable forms of waste, although pre-treatment may be necessary when using certain types of waste, for example kitchen waste. Pre-treatment primarily means shredding. This can be simply done using the Profikomp® Small Scale Shredding Machine, specially developed for the Drum Composter. The Profikomp® Starter additive also has an important role when treating food or kitchen waste. It starts microbiological processes, boosts the working surfaces, helps provide air supply, and optimises the C:N ratio.


How much compostable waste can the Drum Composter treat?

The total volume of the two chambers is more than 1000 litres. This results in a working capacity of 750 litres, meaning that the Drum Composter can treat up to 5000 kg of waste per year.


How long will it take to get the finished compost? How do I know that the composting process is finished?

Thanks to the dual-chamber design, both waste management phases can take place simultaneously. While one chamber acts as a bio-waste collection and pre-treatment chamber, collected waste is composted in the other. Chamber temperatures can be measured and monitored separately, using the Composting Drum’s own smartphone app and probe thermometers.

When a chamber is full, compost maturation begins. Two things need to be taken into account when using the chambers: the maturation cycle can only be started when the collection chamber is at least half full, and the maturation period has to last at least 4 weeks. Don’t worry if the collection chamber is being filled slowly, and the maturation started more than 4 weeks ago. The compost can be matured a bit longer.

After at least 4 weeks of maturation, the mature compost is screened. You can collect bio-waste in the empty chamber again. At the same time, the intensive composting process starts in the other chamber. The Drum Composter is able to produce compost which can be directly used for mulching in 8 weeks.


Do I need to use the Profikomp® Starter additive throughout the whole composting process?
The Profikomp® Starter additive has an important role during the composting process, as it starts microbiological processes, boosts the working surfaces, helps provide air supply, and optimises the C:N ratio. It is required when starting the composting process in the Drum Composter, and we recommend you use it later as well, as it makes using the Drum Composter simpler and safer. With the Profikomp Starter, more structured, moister and more nitrogen-rich types of waste like kitchen waste can also be composted by themselves and without any problems.