The quality of industrial

on a small scale

With the latest development of Profikomp® Environental Technologies Inc., compostable waste can be processed locally and in a professional way.

The Profikomp® Breathable Drum Composter is a compost tumbler designed to treat compostable organic waste at the high standards, intensity and level of professionalism typical to industrial composting technologies, on a small scale.

Operating principles

The Drum Composter is a cylinder-shaped container which can be rotated to perfectly mix the composting materials. The specially designed breathable membrane cover keeps moisture and unwanted smells inside the drum. The intensive composting phase can be monitored using a software. Once the composting phase is finished, you can use the screening function to retrieve the valuable compost end-product.

Do you want want to know more about the Drum Composter?

What can I use it for?

The Drum Composter is suitable for composting vegetable and fruit waste, kitchen waste, food waste, coffee grounds, garden waste like grass clippings and fallen or dry leaves, and even biopolymer catering products. Did we mention that it is quick and odourless?


The end-product of the intensive and controlled composting cycle is a high-quality, screened compost that can be used locally and directly.

Other advantages

Because the composted waste is treated locally, there is no additional environmental impact from loading, unloading, transporting etc. This results in the lowest achievable levels of energy and effort needed for the waste treatment, reducing CO2 emissions. The waste management policies of the future rely on decentralisation and digitalisation. In order to achieve this, we need industrial quality, decentralised and local solutions like the Profikomp® Breathable Drum Composter.